Why hello there, I am 19-year-old from Norway.

I reblog what I feel like and I also post my own stuff.



Sad to report Wild Lone passed away after a clear round at WEG

"When Wild Lone was six I said he would be the best cross-country horse there ever was and I think he probably was" - Harry Meade

Now that I am in England, I basically eat biscuits every bloody day.

I NEVER DID THIS IN NORWAY. I ate fruit… and chocolate on Fridays and Saturdays. What happened?! 

… Ok, I dyed my hair red for three years, then bleached it twice this year to get rid of the red, and now my roots are rather visible. I think I am leaving it like this for now.  I forgot how grey my natural hair colour looks ewk

Aww, just look at them! 

Quick Step did not want his tiny hooves cleaned by his owner! 

Bought a saucepan, frying pan and some cutlery today. Slowly preparing for campus life. Now I only need to buy more kitchen tools, duvet, pillow, covers etc…………

GTA Online | The San Andreas Flight School

Leaving for England today with Tom, and I have no return ticket this time. Eeeek.

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